Graduate Supervisors and their Research Interests

The following is a list of faculty members at Western who are interested in supervising graduate students in the Department of Mathematics. For more information on each individual member, please see their home page. For a complete list of the Faculty members of the Department of Mathematics, click here. See also the Faculty Research Profiles


NameDegreesAreas of 
Adamus, J. MSc Jagiellonian; PhD Toronto Analytic geometry, Commutative algebra, Singularities
Barron, T. BSc, MSc Moscow Inst. Physics & Tech.; PhD Penn State Symplectic geometry, Analysis on manifolds, Automorphic forms
Bell, J.L.1 BA, DPhil Oxford Logic, Philosophy of mathematics,
Set theory, Category theory
Christensen, J.D. BSc Waterloo; PhD MIT Algebraic topology, Homotopy theory, Homotopy type theory, Mathematical physics, Computation
Denham, G. BSc Alberta; MSc UBC; PhD Michigan Algebraic and geometric combinatorics
Dhillon, A. BSc Sydney; PhD Purdue Algebraic geometry, Algebraic stacks, Moduli of bundles
Franz, M. Dr. rer. nat. Konstanz Toric geometry and topology, Computational algebra
Hall, C. BSc Boulder; MSc, PhD Princeton Number theory, Arithmetic geometry, Graph theory
Jardine, J.F. BMath, MMath Waterloo; PhD British Columbia Homotopy theory, Algebraic K-theory, Algebraic Geometry, Number theory and Category theory
Jurgensen, H.2 Dr. phil. Kiel Theories of formal languages, Automata, Codes, Information transmission systems
Kari, L.2 MSc Bucharest (Romania), PhD Turku (Finland) Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science (Formal Languages and Automata, Combinatorics on Words), Bioinformation and Biocomputation
Khalkhali, M. BSc Sharif (Tehran); PhD Dalhousie Cyclic homology, Operator algebras, Noncommutative geometry
Lemire, N. BSc Windsor; MSc, PhD Alberta Invariant theory, Representation theory, Lie theory and Algebraic groups
Minác, J. BA, RNDr Comenius (Bratislava); PhD Queen's (Can) Algebraic number theory, Field theory, Galois cohomology, Quadratic forms, Brauer groups, Algebraic K-theory
Pinsonnault, M. BSc, MSc, PhD UQAM Symplectic geometry and topology, Geometric topology
Renner, L.E. BSc Saskatchewan; MSc, PhD British Columbia Algebraic groups and monoids, Group actions
Riley, D.M. BSc, MSc Calgary; PhD Alberta Combinatorial algebra
Shafikov, R. BSc Bashkir State; PhD Indiana Several complex variables, CR geometry
Sinnamon, G.J. BMath Waterloo; MSc, PhD McMaster Weighted norm inequalities, Harmonic analysis, Production scheduling

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