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Name Position Research Fields Office Extension Email
Adamus, Janusz Associate Professor Local analytic geometry, singularities, local algebra MC 122 -  Send Email
Barron, Tatyana Associate Professor Analysis on manifolds, complex geometry, symplectic geometry, automorphic forms, quantization MC 247 86532  Send Email
Christensen, Dan Professor
Associate Chair
Algebraic topology, homotopy type theory, derived categories, modular representation theory, mathematical physics, algebraic and scientific computation MC 103B -  Send Email
Denham, Graham Associate Professor Algebraic combinatorics; arrangements of hyperplanes and subspaces; configuration spaces; combinatorial aspects of rational homotopy theory MC 135 86527  Send Email
Dhillon, Ajneet Associate Professor Algebraic geometry, moduli of bundles, algebraic stacks MC 103F 86103  Send Email
Franz, Matthias Associate Professor Transformation groups, toric topology, homological algebra, computer algebra MC 103D 86538  Send Email
Hall, Chris Associate Professor Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry MC 114 86531  Send Email
Jardine, John Professor
Homotopy theory and its applications, algebraic geometry, category theory MC 248 86512  Send Email
Khalkhali, Masoud Professor Noncommutative geometry, mathematical physics, noncommutative spectral geometry and geometric analysis, cyclic cohomology, operator algebras, quantum groups and Hopf algebras. MC 137 86524  Send Email
Lemire, Nicole Associate Professor Birational invariant theory, multiplicative invariants, algebraic groups, Galois cohomology, Lie theory, representation theory, lattices, essential dimension, vector bundles over curves MC 103C 86533  Send Email
Mináč, Ján Professor Class field theory, Galois cohomology, absolute Galois groups, group cohomology, motivic cohomology, anabelian geometry, Langlands program MC 131 86519  Send Email
Olds, Vicki Assistant Professor MC 103G 86520  Send Email
Pinsonnault, Martin Associate Professor Symplectic geometry, Gromov-Witten invariants, Hamiltonian groups actions, low dimensional topology MC 133 86517  Send Email
Renner, Lex Professor Algebraic groups and monoids, group actions in algebraic geometry, invariant theory, reflection groups MC 130 86515  Send Email
Riley, David Professor
Associate Chair
Associative algebra, Lie algebra, and group theory; the relationship between identities, gradings, and actions. MC 136 86522  Send Email
Shafikov, Rasul Associate Professor Holomorphic mappings, CR geometry, analytic continuation, biholomorphic equivalence of domains and real submanifolds MC 112 86529  Send Email
Sinnamon, Gordon Professor Hardy inequalities, Fourier inequalities, function spaces, positive operators MC 103e 86535  Send Email

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Diploma Research Fields Office Extension Email
Bibby, Christin PhD connections between combinatorics, topology, and algebraic geometry; hyperplane arrangements; toric and elliptic analogues of hyperplane arrangements; configuration spaces MC 119 86523  Send Email
Gupta, Purvi Ph.D. Several Complex Variables MC 120 80044  Send Email
Junkins, Caroline PhD Algebraic geometry, Algebraic groups MC 127 81288  Send Email
Kapulkin, Krzysztof PhD Category Theory, Homotopy Theory, Homotopy Type Theory, Categorical Representation Theory, Cryptography MC 121 86534  Send Email
Okay, Cihan Ph. D. Algebraic topology, group theory, quantum computation MC 134 86540  Send Email
Seyedinejad, Hadi PhD Complex analytic geometry, semialgebraic geometry. MC 129 86528  Send Email
Szumilo, Karol PhD homotopy theory, higher category theory MC 128 86536  Send Email
Zsamboki, Pal Ph. D. Moduli stacks of torsors, infinity-topoi MC 133  Send Email

Affiliated Members

Name Position Office Phone Email
Corless, Rob Professor, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science MC 272 x88785  Send Email
Gauthier, Paul Adjunct Professor, Mathematics, Montreal  Send Email
Griffiths, Tom Math Challenge Coordinator - (519) 471-5193  Send Email
Guillot, Pierre Lecturer in Math. Strasbourg  Send Email
Jürgensen, Helmut Professor, Department of Computer Science MC 410 (519) 661-3560 x83560  Send Email
Kari, Lila Professor, Department of Computer Science MC 385 519 661-2111 x86894  Send Email
Karigiannis, Spiro Assoc. Prof., Pure Mathematics, Waterloo  Send Email

Emeritus Faculty

Name Position Office Phone Email
Borwein, David Professor Emeritus ---  Send Email
Bryan, Robert Professor Emeritus KUC SA067 (519) 433-3491 x4344  Send Email
Cass, Peter Professor Emeritus --- 1- 604-531-9593 Vancouver xNone  Send Email
Dawes, Alexander Professor Emeritus MC 123 86531  Send Email
Ditor, Seymour Professor Emeritus MC 103H 86884  Send Email
Milnes, Paul Professor Emeritus MC 123 86526  Send Email
Rankin, Stuart Professor Emeritus MC 123 86531  Send Email

Administrative Staff

Name Position Fax Office Extension Email
Bai, Jane HR administrator MC 125 83641  Send Email
Dimova, Adriana Program Assistant MC 117 83639  Send Email

Graduate Students

Name Research Fields Advisor Office Extension Email
Alkhairy, Ali Minac MC 105 86537  Send Email
Alluhaibi, Nadia Barron MC 105 86537  Send Email
Ashraf, Ahmed Algebraic Combinatorics and Hyperplane Arrangements Denham MC 103A 82254  Send Email
Azarfar, Shahab M. Khalkhali NSC 2 86002  Send Email
Baril Boudreau, Félix Algebraic geometry Ajneet Dhillon MC105 86537  Send Email
Barton, George Mathematical Physics, Noncommutative Geometry Dr. Masoud Khalkhali MC 105 86537  Send Email
Beheshti, Babak Noncommutative geometry, Mathematical physics Masoud Khalkhali MC105  Send Email
Broemeling, Luke Complex Analysis Rasul Shafikov MC 105 86537  Send Email
Cárdenas Montoya, Mayecxiliana Lex Renner MC 109 86539  Send Email
Chakravarthy, Pranav Differential Geometry Prof.Gordon Sinnamon MC 105  Send Email
Chaves, Sergio Algebraic Topology. Differential Geometry. Group Actions. M. Franz MC 109 86539  Send Email
Chetard, Beatrice Galois cohomology J. Minac MC 109 86539  Send Email
Cizek, Michal number theory,Galois theory, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry and cryptography Prof. Jan Minac MC 105  Send Email
Dong, Rui MC 105  Send Email
Dugdale, Chris L. Renner MC 105 86537  Send Email
Henry, Chris PI-algebras, combinatorial algebra/group theory, noncommutative algebra, formal languages David Riley MC 103A 82254  Send Email
Huang, Jianing Differential Geometry,Algebraic topology Franz MC 105 86537  Send Email
Hudyma, Alexandra Linear Functional Analysis David Riley MC 105  Send Email
Jamshidpey, Armin Lemire and Schost MC 246 82235  Send Email
Libman, Robert J. Minac MC 102 86521  Send Email
Meadows, Nicholas Jardine MC 105 86537  Send Email
Mitrea, Octavian Geometric Analysis, Symplectic Geometry, Several Complex Variables Rasul Shafikov MC 245 82729  Send Email
Mollahajiaghaei, Mohsen Algebraic Combinatorics Denham MC 246 86521  Send Email
Omanovic, Jasmin Quadratic forms N. Lemire MC 105 86537  Send Email
Palaisti, Marina Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Motivic Cohomology Jan Minac MC 249 81331  Send Email
Patel, Aftab Analytic Geometry, Algebraic Geometry Dr. Janusz Adamus MC 102  Send Email
Pollock, Tim Logic Tatyana Barron MC 102  Send Email
Rajamani, Chandra Symplectic Manifolds Martin Pinsonnault MC 105 86537  Send Email
Richardson James D. Christensen MC 109 86539  Send Email
Rolle, Alex R. Jardine MC 105 86537  Send Email
Scoccola, Luis Homotopy Type Theory, Computability, Type Theory, Topology D. Christensen MC 102 86521  Send Email
Valluri, Dinesh Algebraic Geometry Ajneet Dhillon MC 102 86521  Send Email
Vergura, Marco Homotopy (Type) Theory and Category Theory D. Christensen MC 109 86539  Send Email
Zapata Ceballos, Sergio Algebraic number theory Martin Pinsonnault MC 102 86521  Send Email