Math Scholars Group

In the spring of 2000, the Department of Mathematics started a mentored program for undergraduate students with outstanding mathematical abilities, called the Mathematics Scholars Group. The aim of the program is to create a community of young scholars in mathematics who will have considerable interaction with faculty, and with each other.The privileges of membership in the group include access to individually designed programs and possibly exemption from certain courses, based on the results of examinations. Members have easy access to faculty for advice on matters such as course selection and extra resource materials where appropriate, as well as on degree requirements and financial assistance. A more formal assignment of a faculty mentor is available upon request.

The Department has set up a study room which provides study space and access to computers on the first floor of Middlesex College for the exclusive use of members of the group.

In connection with the Math Scholars Group, the Department has launched the Undergraduate Mathematics Pizza Seminar, which meets 4 times a term. Faculty and visitors give talks on a variety of mathematical subjects, suitable for undergraduate students. The talks are usually on the informal side, often humorous, but always with real mathematical content, intended to broaden the audience's horizons a bit. Many follow the "what is?" theme and introduce an area of mathematics that most students don't know about. The talks are followed by a social hour with pizza. All students and faculty are welcome.

From time to time, representatives of corporations and other large employers meet with the Math Scholars Group to present employment and internship opportunities. Members also receive announcements of such opportunities via the group's e-mail list.

The group is open to undergraduate students from all years. Membership is by invitation, based on grades and other evidence of ability and interest. Inquiries are welcome. The administrators of the program are Professors Masoud Khalkhali and Matthias Franz..

Address inquiries to:

The Mathematics Scholars Group
Department of Mathematics
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
N6A 5B7, Canada