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Field Theory class March 31, 2009 Field Theory Class March 31, 2009


Here is a joint survey paper written with Sunil Chebolu and Dan McQuillan, with illustrations by Matthew Teigen. It was great fun to work on this paper, and we only hoped that it would also be interesting and stimulating for the reader as well. It has been therefore rewarding to receive some very nice responses from our colleagues related to this paper.  

Selected Updates to Curriculum Vitae for 2015-2017

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Canadian Mathematical Society Excellence in Teaching Award 2013

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Banff International Research Station Workshop on Nilpotent Fundamental Groups, June 18 - 23, 2017. Organizers: J. Mináč, F. Pop, A. Topaz and K. G. Wickelgren. 

Here is a link to a short video abstract about my paper with Nguyễn Duy Tân, entitled: Counting Galois U4(Fp)-extensions using Massey products, which is published in J. Number Theory (see (5) in the list of 2017 publications above).

Poster for an Algebra Seminar talk delivered, October 18, 2013, related to my joint work with N. D. Tân

Here is a nice paper entitled: Étude Kummerienne de la q-suite Centrale Descendante d'un Groupe de Galois, by Professor T. Nguyen Quang Do, related to my joint work with S. K. Chebolu, I. Efrat, and M. Spira; as well as to the work of R. Sharifi and others. (Please allow a minute or so to load this document for viewing.) Here is a faster link going directly to this paper.

Here is another nice paper by Professors F. Bogomolov and Y. Tschinkel entitled: Introduction to birational anabelian geometry in Current Developments in Algebraic Geometry (L. Caporaso, J. McKernan, M. Mustata, M. Popa, editors), pages 17-63, MSRI Publications, Volume 59, Cambridge University Press, 2012. (This is a great description of this exciting area, and it includes some of my work with S. K. Chebolu and I. Efrat.)

In the paper, Multiquadratic extensions, rigid fields and Pythagorean fields, D. Leep and T. L. Smith obtained some rather elegant, new proofs of some theorems which I published with A. Adem, W. Gao and D. Karagueuzian in 2001; and also with T. L. Smith in 2000. 

Some more papers related to my research may be found here. (See MathSciNet for a comprehensive list of my publications.)



Algebraic Number Theory, Galois Cohomology, Quadratic Forms, Field Theory, Brauer Groups, Algebraic K-Theory, Algebraic Geometry, and Algebraic Topology.


The Bloch-Kato conjecture, quadratic forms, Galois groups and Galois cohomology, Grothendieck's anabelian geometry, zeta functions, analytic pro-p groups, algebraic K-theory, cohomology of finite p-groups, Galois groups of maximal p-extensions with a given set of ramification points, the stable homotopy category, and Freyd's generating hypothesis. I am also very interested in both the finite generation of Tate cohomology and Lie algebras associated with Galois groups. 


(For some possible updates to my list of publications, please see my C. V. above.) Here are two more links to (1) and (2)


Here are some cool and interesting survey papers on some elementary aspects of the values of the zeta function, where the authors also refer to my observation (A Remark on the Values of the Zeta Function, Expo. Math. 12 (1994), 459-462):


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