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Ajneet Dhillon

Research Interests :

Algebraic geometry, algebraic stacks, moduli of bundles, essential dimension and derived categories. Currently I am studying perfect complexes and their moduli.

Preprints and Papers


Donu's 60th birthday conference

Current Students and postdocs 


Research Intersts
Pal Zsamboki  Postdoctoral Fellow Higher categories, moduli of perfect complexes
Dinesh Valluri PhD Student Essential dimension, equivariant chow groups
Felix Bourdreau PhD Student
Marios Velivasakis Master's Student


Former Students and postdocs 


Ivan Kobyzev PhD 2016 Roots stacks and K-theory
Francesco Sala Postdoc 2016
Youlong Yan PhD 2014 Derived categories, finance
Francois Machu Postdoc 2013
N. Honarkaran MSc 2013
Md. Mamun MSc 2009
E. Coskun Postdoc Vector bundles, Ulrich bundles
V. Shirbisheh PhD 2007