Undergraduate Program

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Mathematics Students

Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate degrees at Western are organized into modules. There are numerous mathematics modules that cater to varying degree and career objectives. Interested student are encouraged to contact us or the math department representatives at information sessions at intent to register in February/March of each year.

We encourage our undergraduates to work closely with faculty through undergraduate research programs, the Mathematics Scholars Group and the pizza seminar. Faculty members have successfully mentored scholars elective students and we look forward to helping many more. Undergraduate students are encouraged to join MaCAW (mathematics club).

Information about NSERC Undergraduate Research Awards can be found here.

What can I do with a Mathematics Degree?

Anything. Please take a look at our list of careers. In recent years our honours students have gone on to pursue careers in teaching, economics and academia. It is not unknown for future medical doctors and lawyers to obtain undergraduate degrees in mathematics. In the eyes of an employer, a mathematics graduate is someone who can reason logically, with strong analytical and problem solving skills.