Welcome to MaCAW!

MaCaw-logo.jpgWelcome to Math Club At Western (MaCAW), the official undergraduate Math and Applied Math club at Western! At this website, you'll find upcoming events and opportunities, ways to get involved, and our contact information. We hope to see you soon!

MaCaw is the official undergraduate Math club at Western University. Every year we hold many events, both academic and social, to improve the undergraduate experience of students interested in Math. 


Students from all faculties are welcome to join!

If you like math, food, and fun, MaCaw is the place for you!


Join now to be a part of: 

  • Pizza seminars
  • Games night
  • Social events
  • Math contests
  • Math conferences
  • Professor Meet-and-Greets
  • Information sessions
  • and more!


Email: macaw@uwo.ca
Website: https://www.math.uwo.ca/macaw/
Facebook: facebook.com/mathclubatwestern
Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups.mathclubatwestern