Linear Algebra, Math 1600B, Winter 2019

Class Times:

Section Instructor Days Time Location
001 Franz MWF 12:30pm-1:30pm SEB-2200
002 Hall MWF 11:30am-12:30pm SEB-1200


1 hour per week.  The TA will review material from the course, answer questions, and run group activities.  You must attend the tutorial you are registered for (see your schedule).  Tutorials meet for the first time in the second full week (starting Jan. 16th).  Both lecture sections share the following seven tutorial sections:

Section TA Day Time Location
003 Ashraf + Boudreau Th 1:30pm-2:30pm HSB-13
004 Boudreau + Velivasakis Th 12:30pm-1:30pm HSB-13
005 Cizek + Herring Th 2:30pm-3:30pm SSC-1032
006 Valluri + Vergura Th 10:30am-11:30am HSB-13
007 Herring + Velivasakis W 4:30pm-5:30pm HSB-14
008 Ashraf + Vergura W 1:30pm-2:30pm HSB-13
009 Cizek + Valluri W 5:30pm-6:30pm NCB-105


Homepage Office Hours Office email @
Franz M 10--11am
W  2-- 3pm
MC 103D mfranz+1600
Hall M 12:30--1:30pm
W 10--11am
MC 114 chall69+1600

Help Centre:

MC 106, 2:30-6:30pm, weekdays. (This is the common help centre for all first year math courses.)


One or more of Ontario Secondary School MCV4U, Mathematics 1229A/B, Calculus 1000A/B or 1500A/B, the former Calculus 1100A/B. Calculus 1000A/B or 1500A/B may be taken as a pre- or corequisite.


Applied Mathematics 1411A/B, 2811B, the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B. 

Course Website: 

Important announcements and documents will be posted on OWL. Visit this page regularly for up to date information.


The textbook, D. Poole, Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction, custom coursepack, is available at the bookstore.  It should be possible to find used copies as well.

There is also a "Student Solutions Manual" but it is not required.

You will need to purchase access to EWA (enhanced webassign).

Course Outline:

Properties and applications of vectors; matrix algebra; solving systems of linear equations; determinants; vector spaces; orthogonality; eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

Exam Schedule:

Midterm 1 Feb. 7
Midterm 2 Mar. 14
Final Exam TBA

Room Assignment for Midterms:

Room Last Name



Tutorial  10%
Homework 10%
Midterm Exams 2x20%
Final Exam 40%


Senate Policy on Prerequisites: Prerequisite checking is the student's responsibility.  Unless you have either the prerequisites for this course or written special permission from your Dean to enroll in it, you may be removed from this course and it will be deleted from your record.  This decision may not be appealed.  You will receive no adjustment to your fees in the event that you are dropped from a course for failing to have the necessary prerequisites.

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Absence/Missed work: If you are unable to meet a course requirement due to illness or other serious circumstances, you must provide valid medical or other supporting documentation to your Dean's office as soon as possible and contact your instructor immediately.  It is the student's responsibility to make alternative arrangements with his or her instructor once the accommodation has been approved and the instructor has been informed.  In the event of a missed final exam, a "Recommendation of Special Examination" form must be obtained from the Dean's Office immediately.  For further information concerning UWO's Policy on Accomodation for Medical Illness please refer to this policy at:

A student requiring academic accommodation due to illness should use the Student Medical Certificate when visiting an off-campus medical facility or request a "Record's Release Form" (located in the Dean's Office) for visits to Student Health Services.  The form can be found here:

Make-up exams and conflicts: If you know ahead of time that you are unable to attend a midterm or final exam, you must let your instructor know at least two weeks in advance so alternative arrangements can be made.  See also the University's policy on final exam conflicts.

Accessibility statement: Please contact the course instructor if you require material in an alternate format or if you require any other arrangements to make this course more accessible to you. You may also wish to contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) at 661-2111 x 82147 for any specific questions regarding an accommodation.

Support Services:

-- Office of the Registrar:
-- Student Development Services:
-- Learning Skills Services:
-- USC:
-- Academic Calendar:
-- ITS:
-- Students who are in emotional/mental distress should refer to Mental Health@Western for a complete list of options about how to obtain help: