Reading Seminar: Factorization Homology (Winter 2019)

Essential information


This is a reading seminar on Factorization Homology. Our first objective is to understand:

  • Ayala, Francis, Factorization homology of topological manifolds, Journal of Topology 8 (4), 2015. arXiv:1206.5522

Time permitting, we will look at other papers. Further information about the seminar can be found here.


Date Speaker Topic
Jan 24 Chris Kapulkin Introduction and Organization
Jan 31 Zachery Lindsey Implementation of ∞-categories
Feb 7 Zach Lindsey | Brandon Doherty More on ∞-categories | B-framing
Feb 14 Brandon Doherty B-framing
Feb 19&21 Aji Dhillon ∞-operads for dummies
Feb 28 Joey Beauvais Feisthauer Disks 
Mar 7 Joey Beauvais Feisthauer More on Disks
Mar 14 Joey | Luis Scoccola Manifolds with boundary | Localization
Mar 21 Ajneet Dhillon Disk algebras
Mar 28 Luis Scoccola Fact. homology over oriented 1-mflds with bdry
Apr 4 Dan Christensen Pushforwards
Apr 11 Dan Christensen More on Pushforwards
Apr 18 Joey Beauvais Feisthauer Homology theories
Apr 25 Zachery Lindsey Nonabelian Poincare duality

For more information, please contact Chris Kapulkin.