Reading Seminar: Homotopical Algebra (Winter 2021)

Essential information


  • Quillen model structure on simplicial sets, by Ilya + Artem;
  • other examples: spaces, chain complexes, groupoids, etc., by Mohabat + Jake;
  • Quillen functors and derived functors, by Manak + Jarl;
  • model categories of diagrams, Reedy theory, and homotopy (co)limits, by Mohabat + Apurva + Sayantan;
  • function complexes and monoidal/simplicial model categories, by Brandon + Daniel;
  • alternative approaches, including (co)fibration categories, by Udit + Yeonjoon;
  • type-theoretic model categories and models of HoTT, by Torin + James + Jarl;
  • Joyal model structure on simplicial sets, by Siddharth + Udit;
  • Cisinski theory (and briefly test categories), by Artem + Ilya.

 For more information, please contact Chris Kapulkin.