Calculus 2502A, Advanced Calculus I, Fall 2015
Here is a Course Outline
Calculus 1000A Students' Comments on My Teaching
  • Very enthusiastic which makes it easier to understand some course material.
  • As I hated all math before this course now I am considering calculus/applied math as a major becuase of how professor Khalkhali taught this course. Please teach 1301B. Explain Summation a little slower.
  • Keeps the class up to date in terms of course outline. Classes don't feel long and boring becuase somehow he manages to make ten funny with his stories and jokes.
  • No Comments he is a good teacher.
  • Thanks for making this class funny and interesting.
  • He taught the subject very enthusiastically and made us try our best. It was a pleasure having him as our prof!
  • I love you and I love your shoes!
  • I've only been to class twice but I loved all 2 times I was here. I'm planning on comming a 3rd time.
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The Summit of Calculus Greetings
Here is a painting by one of my calculus 1000A students, Melanie Wright, in December 2007
The Professor's Song, by Tom Lehrer