Graduate Students, Postdocs

Current PhD Students:
  • Sajad Sadeghi, PhD Student (Sept 2012-Present)
  • Mitsuru Wilson, PhD Student (Sept 2012-Present)
  • Shahab Azarfar, PhD Student (Sept 2014-Present)
  • Rui Dong, PhD Student (Sept 2015-Present)
Past Ph.D. Students:
  • Ali Fathi
    Thesis tiltle: On Spectral Invariants of Dirac Operators on Noncommutative Tori and Curvature of the Determinant Line Bundle for the Noncommutative Two Torus .
    PhD May 2015.
    For his thesis click here.
  • Asghar Ghorbanpour
    Thesis tiltle: Rationality of the spectral action for Robertson-Walker metrics and the geometry of the determinant line bundle for the noncommutative two torus .
    PhD Feb. 2015.
    For his thesis click here.
  • Ali Moatadelro
    Thesis tiltle:Noncommutative complex geometry of quantum projective spaces.
    PhD August 2011.
    For his papers click here.
  • Farzad Fathizadeh
    Thesis tiltle:Twisted spectral triples, Connes' character formula, and the Gauss-Bonnet theorem for noncommutative two torus.
    PhD August 2010.
    For his papers click here.
  • Mohammad Hassanzadeh
    Thesis tiltle: Operations on Hopf cyclic cohomology.
    PhD August 2010.
    For his papers click here.
  • Arash Pourkia
    Thesis tiltle: Hopf Cyclic Cohomology in Braided Monoidal Categories.
    PhD August 2009.
    For his papers click here.
  • Bahram Rangipour (Associate Professor University of New Brunswick)
    Thesis tiltle: Invariant Cyclic Homology.
    PhD 2003.
    For his papers click here.
  • Reza Akbarpour
    Thesis tiltle: Hopf Algebra Equivariant Cyclic Theory.
    PhD 2001.
    For his papers click here.
Past MSc Students:
  • Travis Ens, MSc Student  (Sept 2012-2013)
  • Baris Ugurcan (Faculty of Science Interdisciplinary Postdoc Sept 2014-Present)
  • Farzad Fathizadeh (Fields Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at UWO, Sept 2012-Present)
  • Ali Moatadelro  (Sept 2011-Sept 2012)
  • Alim Heshmatov (Sept 2012-Present)
  • Atabey Kaygun (July 2005-July 2007)
  • Sheldon Joyner (July 2008-July 2010)
  • Arash Pourkia (September 2009-2011)
NSERC USRA Students:
  • FIELDS INSTITUTE UNDERGRADUATE SUMMER RESEARCH PROGRAM, July 2 to August 29, 2014, Toronto, Canada. During these two month I supervised four briliant international undergraduates chosen by the Fields Institute. I gave seven lectures on their research topic proposed: Spectral Geometry in Fuzzy Domains.
  • Rachel Youngson (Summer 2014) P-adic analysis, Dwork's proof of rationality of zeta function of varieties over finite fields.
  • Peter Yampolsky (Summer 2013) Random walks on graphs, Brownian motion.
  • Travis Ens (Summer 2011) Feynman Integrals, Matrix Integrals.
  • Craig Sinnamon (Summer 2010) Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups and Applications to Quantum Computing.
  • Mark Penney (Summer 2011)
    Spectral Action Principle and Connes' Approach to the Standard Model of Elementary Particles.