Program Modules

The Mathematics and Applied Mathematics modules were revised in early 2022.  Students who entered a new Mathematics or Applied Mathematics module this year will be required to follow the new module requirements.

However, third- or fourth-year students who were enrolled in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics modules prior to the module changes have the choice of whether to continue following the old module requirements or whether to adopt the new module requirements.

The new module descriptions found in the current Academic Calendar are reproduced below.  The old module descriptions can be found in the 2021 Academic Calendar at the following link:

There were minor revisions made to all of the modules in the department, but the major changes were those for the Applied Mathematics modules, as they included courses which are no longer offered.    For further information about the module changes and choices between the old and new modular requirements, please contact

Printable pdf explanation here

To propose course substitutions for your 3rd or 4th year of study in one of the aforementioned modules, refer to the printable pdf, then contact for approval. Please know that approvals are not guaranteed.

Honors Specializations

The Honors Specialization module is for students who have a strong interest in Mathematics, and who are considering entering graduate studies in Mathematics. Students may also be considering entrance into other disciplines as well, and the Honors Specialization is excellent preparation for all areas of study at the graduate level.

Honors Specialization in Applied Mathematics 

Honours Specialization in Mathematics

Honors Specialization in Mathematical & Statistical Sciences


The Major module is for both honors and non-honors degrees that should be combined with another module:

Major in Applied Mathematics 

Major in Mathematics


If you wish to study math as part of your general education or as a complement to your training in another discipline or professional program, the Mathematics minor would be a good fit for you. 

Minor in Mathematics

Data Science at Western offers four flexible undergraduate modules to suit your data science needs. Whether you want to become a data scientist, or just learn how to use it to advance your career in another discipline, there is a program for you!

Western offers a variety of courses in data science, computer science, and statistical sciences for students in all academic years and across a range of different backgrounds. 

Data Science website


Honors Specialization in Data Science

Major in Data Science

Minor in Data Science

Certificate in Data Science