Private Tutors

As a service to those students seeking private tutors for university mathematics courses, the Department of Mathematics is displaying the following list of persons who have expressed an interest in private tutoring. The Department of Mathematics is posting this list without commenting on the qualifications or on the quality of tutoring by those persons named on this list, nor with fees that may be charged.

Name Courses Tutored Telephone Email
Al-Khairy, Ali 0110, 1600, 1120, 1000, 1301, 1500, 1501, 1225, 1229 226-919-7962
Amin, Ruchita Calculus and Analysis, Probability with Biological Application, Partial Differential Equation, Numerical Analysis, Differential Equation, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Dynamical Systems. 647-787-0813

Bahati, Raphael, Dr.  All Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science courses 519-281-6186
Beheshti, Babak all undergraduate Mathematics courses 226-504-2448
Baril Boudreau, Felix all undergraduate Math courses
Bucha Jain, Priya

all undergraduate Math, Applied Math, and Calculus courses

Cabral, Leah all mathematics, statistics, calculus, actuarial sciences, and financial modelling courses
Chaves, Sergio All undergrad Math and Stats courses 226-265-8820

Crooks, Alycia Math 1225, 1228, 1229, Calc 1000, and all undergraduate statistics courses

Ezadian, Mojgan Math 0110A, 1600A, 2402A, 3615A,
Calculus 1000A, 1500A, 2302A, 2502A, 1301a.
Applied math 1201a, 1412a, 1414b,
Healey, Wil

Math 0110A, Math 1228A, Math 1229A, and CA1000
Hessam, Hamed all undergraduate Math courses 226-977-7616



Calculus and Linear Algebra 226-242-2820


Johanson, Heather

Math 1229A/B, Math 0110A 

Krausz, Rob

All undergraduate Math & Stats courses

Liang, Derek

all courses in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and all first year Math courses 548-388-4518

Mavinkurve, Udit Ajit all undergraduate Math courses 226-977-6220
Meadows, Nicholas all undergraduate 1st & 2nd year courses
Nurlu, Sinan all undergraduate Math courses 226-239-7574
Orelowitz, Ryan Math 1229 647-997-6743
Sadeghi, Sajad All undergraduate math courses including, but not limited to 0110, 1225, 1228, 1229, 1500, 1501, 1600, 2120, 2124, 2155,2156, 2211, 3020, 3120, 3150, CA1000, 1300, 1301. 519-702-8211
Saikia, Manimugdha All undergraduate Math courses 226-998-1012 

Santacruz Hidalgo, Alejandro All undergraduate math courses 226-504-71-83

Shillcock, George

AM 1201a, AM 1412a, AM 1414b, AM 2402A, AM 3615A, AM 3811A, AM 3815A

Math 0110A, Math 1228A, Math 1229A, Math 1600A, Math 2124A, Math 2151A

CA 1000a, CA 1301a, CA 1501A



All Undergraduate mathematics and statistics

Singh, Dharmpreet All undergraduate Math and Statistics courses. 519-701-0212

London Math Solutions 

Singh, Prakash 519-804-4609
Tarkeshian, Mohabat All Undergraduate Math courses


Tuffaha, Marwa All undergraduate math, applied math, and calculus courses

Velivasakis, Marios All undergraduate Math courses 226-504-4191
Yau, Jessica All first and second year Mathematics and Calculus courses 226-977-0667
Zapata Ceballos, Sergio All undergraduate math courses

Last Updated: 04/21/2021