2023-24 Tentative Courses

Students can find their course timetable by logging into Draft My Schedule, Student Center or course OWL sites. Course outlines of 2023-24 are available on course OWL sites. For more information about an undergraduate course, please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Audrey Kager (akager@uwo.ca).

Regular offerings:

CALC 1000A/B: Calculus I
CALC 1301B: Calculus II
CALC 1500A: Calculus I for the Mathematical Sciences
CALC 1501B: Calculus II for Mathematical and Physical Sciences
CALC 2302A: Intermediate Calculus I
CALC 2402A: Calculus with Analysis for Statistics
CALC 2502A: Advanced Calculus I
CALC 2503B: Advanced Calculus II 

MATH 0110A/B: Introductory Calculus
MATH 1120B: Fundamental Concepts in Mathematics
MATH 1225B: Methods of Calculus
MATH 1228A/B: Methods of Finite Mathematics
MATH 1229A/B: Methods of Matrix Algebra
MATH 1600A/B: Linear Algebra I
MATH 2120B: Intermediate Linear Algebra
MATH 2122B: Real Analysis I
MATH 2124A: Intro Mathematical Problems
MATH 2151A: Discrete Structures for Engineering
MATH 2155F: Mathematical Structures
MATH 2156B: Mathematical Structures II
MATH 3020A/B: Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MATH 3120A/B: Group Theory
MATH 3122A/B: Real Analysis II
MATH 3124A/B: Complex Analysis I
MATH 4120A/B: Field Theory
MATH 4123A/B: Rings and Modules
MATH 4152A/B: Algebraic Topology

AM 1201B: Calculus & Probability with Biological Applications
AM 2402A: Ordinary Differential Equations 
AM 2811B: Linear Algebra II
AM 2814G: Numerical Analysis
AM 3811A/B: Complex Variables
AM 3813A/B: Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations and Chaos
AM 3815A/B: Partial Differential Equations I
AM 4999Z: Applied Mathematics Project

Rotated offerings:

MATH 3121A/B: Advanced Linear Algebra
MATH 3152A/B: Combinatorial Math
MATH 3157A/B: Game Theory
MATH 4121A/B: Topology
MATH 4122A/B: Measure Theory
MATH 4153A/B: Algebraic Geometry
MATH 4154A/B: Functional Analysis
AM 4615F: Introduction to Applied Computer Algebra

AM 3615F/G: Mathematics Biology