Calculus 1301B - Winter 2022

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  • Mar.31: Known errors, as of today, in Chapter 6: #185, #215, #259. In Chapter 7: #5, #21, #23, #29, #31, #33, #35, #75, #77, #159, #243. In Chapter 4: #63, #121, #219.
  • Feb.14: Another typo spotted in Chapter 5: In #321, denominator should be (3n)! and not (3n!). In the Answer Key for this chapter, #203 should read sin(1/n)<1/n, and #219 should have p=2.
  • Feb.9: The OWL site of the course now contains a list of practice problems from past midterm tests. Make sure to give it a try!
  • Feb.2: Just a reminder that your first written assignment is due Thursday next week (Feb.10). If you can't find it in your email, click the above link for a pdf file. The solutions should be submitted through Gradescope on the course OWL page.
    Also, new textbook chapter comes with new Answer Key typos. Spotted so far: #7 and #9.
  • Jan.25: There's also a typo in #281, as well as in Examples 3.36 and 3.50 of Chapter 3.
  • Jan.20: And another one: #197 of Chapter 3.
  • Jan.18: Three more errors already spotted in the Answer Key: #123, #153, and #163 of Chapter 3.
  • Jan.17: The Math Help Centre is open as of this week. Check out the details at this link.
  • Jan.14: The Textbook Answer Key Mistakes Hunt is on! If you spot one, make sure to email Dr. Adamus ASAP with your correct answer and complete solution. Before firing your email though, please check and double check that the textbook answer is wrong (for instance, by differentiating if the answer is an integral). The first person (or first 3, in case of nearly concurrent submissions) to spot an actual mistake scores extra homework marks.
    Known thus far: #35 and #83 in Chapter 3 are not mistakes; #85 is one. (The reference version of the text is the one linked on the left.)
  • Jan.13: The whiteboards from our January lectures are now being made available to students. These are copyright of Dr. Adamus, and cannot be publicly shared, sold or used in any way other than as a learning aid for students in this course. You'll find them in the main menu on the left. Enjoy responsibly! These notes are by no means a substitute for lecture participation.
  • Jan.9: Invitations to the January lectures on Zoom have been sent out. Check your email for details. Paticipants will be able to join their lecture meetings 5 minutes before the start time. Please be there on time.
  • Jan.3: Welcome to the Calculus 1301B course website for Sections 001 and 002. Hope it works well; if not, please report bugs here.
    This website will be frequently updated (once the classes start on Jan.10). Remember to use the refresh/reload button.
    Use the menu on the left to review the course outline and the list of suggested exercises.