Chris Kapulkin

Assistant Professor

Associate Chair (Graduate)

Department of Mathematics

University of Western Ontario

Middlesex College 116

Email: kkapulki 'at'

Phone: x86534



Research areas

  • Higher Category Theory and Homotopy Theory
  • Univalent Foundations and Homotopy Type Theory
  • Cryptography
  • Formalization of Mathematics


Notes, videos, etc.


Current students and postdocs

  • Apurva Nakade, postdoc, 2019-21.
  • Brandon Doherty, PhD student, 2017-21.
  • James Leslie, PhD student, 2019-23.
  • Udit Mavinkurve, PhD student, 2020-23.
  • Ilia Vlasov, PhD student, 2020-24.
  • Artem Gureev, MSc student, 2020-21. [Principal supervisor: D. Riley.]
  • Jonathan Zhao, MSc student, 2020-21. [Principal supervisor: J. Jardine.]
  • Daniel Carranza, undergraduate student, 2019-21.
  • YeonJoon Choi, undergraduate student, 2020.

Supervision information

Western Cryptography Research Group


Academic year 2020-21

Teaching information

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  • Speaker at the CMS Meeting Winter 2020 (session: Logic and Applications), online, December 5-8, 2020. 
  • Organizer (j/w B. Ahrens) of the HoTT/UF Workshop 2021, details TBA.

Selected past activities