Chris Kapulkin: Teaching

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  • Math 9501A: Foundations of Stable Homotopy Theory, Fall 2021. [website]

  • Math 3020A: Introduction to Abstract Algebra, Fall 2021. [website]

  • Math 1120B: Fundamental Concepts in Mathematics, Winter 2021. [website]

  • Math 9511A: Category Theory (online course), Fall 2020. [website]

  • Math 3159A: Introduction to Cryptography (online course), Fall 2020. [website]

  • Math 9512A: Higher Category Theory, Fall 2019. [website]

  • Math 3020A: Introduction to Abstract Algebra, Fall 2019. [website]

  • Math 9511L: Category Theory, Summer 2019. [website]

  • Math 2120B: Intermediate Linear Algebra, Winter 2019. [website]

  • Math 3159B: Introduction to Cryptography, Winter 2019. [website]

  • Math 4121A: Topology (as reading course), Summer 2018.

  • Math 2120B: Intermediate Linear Algebra, Winter 2018. [website]
  • Math 2155F: Mathematical Structures, Fall 2017. [website]
  • Math 3159B/9145B: Introduction to Cryptography, Winter 2017. [evaluations]
  • Calc 1301B: Calculus 2 (Section 007), Winter 2016. [evaluations]
  • Math 9501A: Categorical Logic, Fall 2015. [evaluations]
  • Calc 1301B: Calculus 2 (Section 006), Winter 2015. [evaluations]
  • Calc 1000A: Calculus 1 (Section 001), Fall 2014. [evaluations]
  • Math 220: Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 at the University of Pittsburgh, Summer 2011. [evaluations]


  • Reading Seminar on topos theory, Fall 2021. [website]

  • Reading Seminar on homotopical algebra, Winter and Spring 2021. [website]

  • Reading Seminar on factorization homology, Winter 2019. [website]

  • Reading Seminar on localization in homotopy theory, Winter 2018. [website]

  • Reading Seminar on stable ∞-categories, Spring 2017. [website]
  • Reading Seminar on Higher Category Theory, Fall 2016. [website]
  • Reading Seminar on Homotopy Type Theory, Winter and Spring 2016.

Reading courses

I have supervised numerous reading courses for undergraduate and graduate students on topics in category theory, topology, homotopy theory, logic, cryprography, and number theory.

If you're interested in taking a reading course that I may supervise, please send me an email.

Popular Science events

  • Talk A very, very basic introduction to the very, very basic ideas behind the Langlands Program, Math Pizza Seminar, April 2018.
  • Talk Stable marriage problem, Math Pizza Seminar, October 2015. [Facebook]