Math 4122B/9022B - Measure Theory - Winter 2020

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  • Apr.14: The following information is mandated by the Faculty. Not that I'm encouraging anyone to miss the final exam!
    "If a student misses the online final assessment due to a Self-Reported Absence or Academic Consideration, there will be a makeup online final assessment held within one month of the end of the examination period and the student will be given a grade of SPC in the meantime. The makeup online final exam will be proctored if online proctoring is available at that time. If that makeup exam is also missed, the student will be required to write a proctored makeup exam in the final exam period of the next sitting of the class with a regular exam period."
    For this course, the above mentioned make-up will be held on May 9, 2020, and it will have the same format as the actual final exam.
  • Mar.30: The following adjustments to the course evaluation criteria have been approved by the FoS, and will come into effect after April 3, 2020 (unless revised by that date).
    The course mark will be based on the same components as originally scheduled, but with adjusted weights:
    written assignments - 50%
    term test - 40%
    final exam/assignment - 10%.
    For the graduate students, the final mark will be the weighted average of the above components and a video presentation of a selected topic, with weights of 95% and 5% respectively.
  • Mar.26: The Practice Final Exam can be found here.
  • Mar.18: Here are the Lecture Notes for the week of March 16.
  • Mar.12: And the Practice Term Test 2 can be found here.
  • Mar.7: Here are the Presentation Topics for graduate students' in-class presentations.
  • Feb.13: The Practice Term Test 1 can be found here.
  • Feb.10: Just to confirm: The first term test has been moved to Friday, Feb.28.
  • Jan.13: The two in-class term tests will be held on Wednesday, Feb.26 and Friday, Mar.20.
  • Jan.10: The instructor office hours have been scheduled for Wednesdays, 2:30--4:30pm.
  • Dec.1: Welcome to the Math 4122B/9022B course website. Hope it works well; if not, please report bugs here.
    This website will be frequently updated (once the course starts on January 6). Remember to use the refresh/reload button.
    Use the menu on the left to review the course outline.