Funding and Tuition Fees

Financial support through teaching assistantships, graduate fellowships, and scholarships is available to graduate students and all applicants are automatically considered for financial support. We provide sufficient funding to cover tuition and living expenses. We generally offer financial support to all of those students whose admission we recommend. In addition, many students are eligible for entrance scholarships and other scholarships on top of these base funding amounts.  London has a low cost of living.

Funding comes from various sources, which may include:

  • Teaching Assistantships (GTA) (which entail duties such as tutoring and marking for a period of 10 hours or less per week; the totals above include vacation pay)
  • Graduate Fellowship (GF) (from the research grants of faculty members)
  • Western Graduate Research Scholarship (WGRS, applied directly to tuition)
  • Math Department Scholarships
  • Faculty of Science Scholarships
  • External Scholarships (e.g. NSERC, OGS)

These are awarded on a competitive basis and continuation is subject to satisfactory progress. University funding, including Teaching Assistantships and University Scholarships, is limited to four years for a Ph.D. student. Funding for Master's students is limited to the period for which they are admitted, normally twelve months. More information on internal and external awards is provided by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Tuition Fees

For Graduate Tuition Fees (and supplementary fees) in effect per term, please consult the fee section of the Registrar's Office web site and the SGPS Student Finances page. As mentioned above, international MSc students will automatically receive extra funding to help offset the difference in tuition that exists between International and Canadian students.

Tuition fees are due three times per year, near the beginning of each term (September, January and May) and are subject to change.  WGRS funding is applied directly to the tuition bill.  Any tuition balance can usually be paid in the second month of the term.

Note that salary payments for Teaching Assistantships are made at the end of each month. Students should therefore plan to arrive with sufficient funds to pay for the first month's living expenses.

A late payment fee and a late registration fee are assessed against students who fail to pay their tuition and to register by the appropriate deadlines.