Western Math Camp - Summer 2024


For many years, the Department of Mathematics at Western University has been running a Math Camp as part of the Canadian Mathematical Society  Math Camp Program.  This camp allows students to take part in different hands-on activities, attend math talks delivered by members of the math department, and attend group and individual problem-solving competitions. The Western Math Camps provide students with an opportunity to enhance their mathematical knowledge, be exposed to new mathematics, and meet members of our department as well as new friends who share the same interest in mathematics.  

The 2024 Western Math Camp will operate in-person at the Western University campus. For the first time, our camps for each grade will run for five days and we are adding a grade eight camp this year.

  •  β-Camp (Betta Camp)  July 8-12, 2024. This camp is available and accessible for grade eight students.
  • γ-Camp (Gamma Camp)  July 15-19, 2024. This camp is available and accessible for grade nine students.
  • θ-Camp (Theta Camp)  July 22-26, 2024. This camp is available and accessible for grade ten students. 
  • ζ-Camp (Zeta Camp)  July 29-August 2, 2024. This camp is available and accessible for grade eleven and twelve students. 12

Daily Schedule: Campers will check in 8:30-9:00, the sessions starts at 9:00 am, lunch will be served at noon and the daily schedule will end at 4:00pm. 

Choose the camp based on the grade that you are enrolled in currently (in the 2023-24 academic year). If you have attended Western Camp before, please do not choose the same camp. If you would like to attend an upper-year camp, please make sure to contact Dr. Ghorbanpour (aghorba@uwo.ca) before you register for one of the camp. 

The registration fee of 225$ (plus taxes) will cover expenses for lunches and refreshments on all five days of the camp, gifts, prizes, supplies as well as admin expenses. Payment methods accepted are Visa, MasterCard, and Visa Debit. 

Math Camp Summer 2024 Registration Form


Indigenous Students' Bursary (ISB) for Western Math Camp: To encourage and increase Indigenous student attendance in the camps we initiated an Indigenous students bursary this year. The bursary will cover the registration fee (225CSN+tax) for up to three indigenous students in each camp (10 percent of the camp attendance). The students will be chosen based on their application through the following link.


Application Form form for ISB Summer 2024



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