The Western Mathematics Exposition Competition


Welcome to the Western University Mathematics Exposition Competition. In this competition, we aim to foster interest in higher mathematics among high school students and offer an opportunity for students to experience learning beyond the high school curriculum and practicing skills for mathematical research. Since 2024, the projects can be submitted in three forms: Poster, videos and mathematical artifacts. Guidelines will be provided to guide the participants in developing their project.

Enthusiastic high school students from grades 9 to 12 to participate are invited to attend this competition. Students join as a team of 2-3 students and work under supervision of a mentor to research one of the announced themes and develop a poster, a video, or a mathematical artifact.

High school teachers, teacher candidates from the Faculty of Education, and senior undergraduate students from Western University can register as mentors for the teams. Each mentor primarily serve as a supervisor and help their team identify a topic of interest, ensure their teams stay on the right track and assist them with time management and meeting deadlines, verify that the submitted projects meet the requirements, submit the final project; the submission link will only be available to the team mentors. The estimated time commitment for mentoring each team is 5-10 hours.

The registration of teams and mentors for this competition opens usually in mid Fall, project submission for the projects is set to be in February. The judding procees is done by a judging board consists of members of the department of mathematics The winners are announced during the award ceremony in March.

The following video can help the participants to choose a proper topic for their project as well as guide them in the production of their project.


Highlights of Past Competitions 


Highlights of 2023-24 Competition


Highlights of 2022-23 Competition


 Winners of 2024 Competition: 

  • Gold Medal Winning Poster: 
    • Title: Non-Euclidean Geometry; Bending the plane and bending our minds!
    • Team Members: Jinyang Hong  and Roderick Liao 
    • School name: Mentor College
    • Mentor: Virginia Porlier (Teacher Mentor)
      Poster Bend the Plane - Bend the Mind: Non-Euclidean Geometry--Gold Medal Winner Poster of 2024 Western Math Exposition Competition
  • Silver Medal Winning Poster: 
    • TitleUntangling Mathematics 
    • Team Members: Zainab Rizvi, Katherine Zhang, and Daniel Zhong
    • School Name: London Central Secondary School
    • Mentor: Rolan Fahd (Student Mentor)
      Poster Untangling Mathematics--Silver Winner Poster of 2024 Western Math Exposition Competition
  • Bronze Medal Winning Poster: 
    • TitleCalculating Crime  
    • Team Members:  Mirella Costa, Hannah Kakar, and Hilan Tawfiq
    • School Name: Saint Jean de Brebeuf, Hamilton Ontario
    • Mentor: Bahar Zali Kah Kesh (Student Mentor)
      Calculating Crime--Bronze Winner Poster of 2024 Western Math Exposition Competition
  • Gold Medal Winning Video: 
    • Title: Can We Predict the Future? The applications of deterministic chaos.
    • Team Members: Liam Strilchuk and River Yu
    • School name: Preston High School
    • Mentor: Laura Kingston (Teacher Mentor)
  • Silver Medal Winning Video: 
    • TitlePenrose Tilings
    •  Three Students (London Central Secondary School
    • Team Members: Alice (Siyoon) Kim, Selena Isabella Xia, and Justin Zhou
    • School Name: London Central Secondary School
    • Mentor: Kaysie Barrett (Teacher Candidate Mentor)
  • Gold Medal Winning Mathematical Artifacts: 
    • Title: The Wallendov Harmonizer: A Mechanical Fourier Graphing Machine
    • Team Members: Stoyan Sendov and Rayne Wallace
    • School name:London Central Secondary School
    • Mentor: Phillip Michael Bannon (Teacher Mentor) The Wallendov Harmonizer: A Mechanical Fourier Graphing Machine--Gold Medal Winner Math Artifact of 2024 Western Math Exposition Competition
  • Gold Medal Winning Project: 
    • Title of the poster: Maryna Viazovska: The Face of Ukrainian Mathematics
    • Team Members: Ehsan Dukhan (Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School) and Danylo Ohorodny (Oakridge Secondary School)
    • Mentor: Isha Khurana (Student Mentor)
      Maryna Viazovska: The Face of Ukrainian Mathematics--Gold Medal Winner project in the category of (women in Math) of 2024 Western Math Exposition Competition
  • Honorable Mention: 
    • Title of the videoEmmy Noether: A Journey Through Her Life  
    • Team Members: Paige Bloomfield and Chloe Watson
    • School Name: Medway High School
    • Mentor: Abigail Kushnir (Student Mentor)