Mathematical Pedagogy

Being part of a prominent educational institution, the Department of Mathematics places an emphasis on math education. The members of the Mathematical Pedagogy research group are actively seeking innovative approaches to broaden their understanding and keep up-to-date with the latest advances in teaching methodologies, with a focus on undergraduate mathematics instruction. In addition, they are actively involved in scholarship that aims to understand the current and emerging challenges facing math students and educators.

Research group members are committed to exploring various effective and innovative teaching methods and advancements and updating their knowledge base. This commitment extends to organizing the seminar series "The Math Pedagogy Reading Group," designed to foster ongoing professional development. This seminar series serves as a platform not only for other faculty members but also for postdoctoral associates and graduate students, providing them with access to cutting-edge research and encouraging a collaborative environment for academic growth and creating an atmosphere conducive to sharing insights, discussing findings, and collectively advancing the field of mathematical pedagogy.