The Analysis group at Western Mathematics combines mathematicians that broadly speaking use analytical methods (but not limited to) in their research. The group activities are represented by the Analysis seminar, which has been active for many years, collaborative supervision of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, an active research visitor program, and conference organization.

The group is particularly active in the area of complex geometry, including complex analytic geometry, several complex variables and singularity theory, noncommutative geometry, symplectic geometry, functional analysis, and mathematical physics.

Rasul Shafikov has been the leader of the Analysis group for at least ten years, and will continue to function in this capacity - Shafikov is a world-leading researcher in complex analytic geometry. Masoud Khalkhali and his long-standing group of grad students and postdoctoral fellows have given Western the status of an international powerhouse in noncommutative geometry and related areas of analysis such as operator theory.